Drill Down Report Expert: Combining Summaries And Details on One Report

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Because some reports have a lot of detail or many groups, SCR provides the ability to hide sections, thus showing only the summary information on the main report. Drill down reports present summary information first, allowing users to double-click’ to drill down to-lower levels of detail.

The Drill Down Report Expert adds the Drill tab to the tabs of the Standard Report Expert. Using the Drill tab, you can hide a group or detail section of the report. By clicking a section, you toggle the section between Show and Hide. If a section has Hide in front of the name, then you will not see it when you preview the main report. In the Preview tab, however, you can drill down to a hidden section by double-clicking a summary or group name field. Chapter 6 offers more detail on the functionality of drill down, reports and how to create them.

OLAP Report Expert:

Making Data Three-Dimensional

To design a report using an OLAP cube as a data source, choose the OLAP Report Expert. OLAP, online analytical processing, is a technology used to create multi-dimensional data structures sometimes called cubes. SCR has a Report Expert to help you design reports from these structures, “OLAP Reporting,” thoroughly covers. Please refer to that chapter for full instructions and more information about OLAP.


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