Cross-Tab Report Expert: Analyzing Data in a Spreadsheet

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The Cross-Tab Report Expert provides the template to create a basic cross­tab. The Cross-Tab Report Expert contains the Data. Cross-Tab, Style, Customize Style, Chart, and Select tabs.

Sub report Expert: Preparing a Report for Insertion into Another Report

The Sub report Expert walks you through designing both a main report and a sub report, both using Experts, when you open the Sub report Expert, you first use the Contain Sub report Expert to design the main report. This Ex­pert has all of the tabs of the Standard Report Expert, plus Sub report tab. When you come to the Sub report tab, you open the Sub report Expert.

The only real difference between the Contain Sub report Expert and Sub report Expert is that the Sub report Expert asks which section, of the main report you would like to insert your sub report into. Once you com­plete the “Sub report Expert, click OK to’ return to the Contain Sub report Expert, the main report. When you preview the main report, you’ll also see the sub report you created.

Mailing Labels Report Expert: Printing Data on Standard or Custom Labels

The Mailing Labels Report Expert makes creating mailing labels from your database easy. This Expert leas-just tour tabs: Data, Fields, Label, and Select. You select the fields you want on your labels using the Fields tab. Using the table tab you select what type of labels you want to print. The Mailing Label Type list contains Avery label numbers. Or, you can set the label dimensions yourself.

If you want to print multiple database fields on one line, such as City, State, and Postal Code, you can use a formula lo pull the fields together into one field. Such a formula might look like:

itabtenaine.Cityl + “.  ” + j tabiename. Region} + ”     ‘(- I tatlename. Postal Code!


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