3 Reasons Why Your Website is Not Making Money

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If you’re already in the online business for a couple of months and your website is not yet making any money or your income is very low, you should consider looking up one of these 3 possible problems. Most likely, your issue is with one of them.

No or untargeted traffic

If your website is not attracting visitors, or not the right ones, how can they buy anything that you are selling? Try getting the right people on your website and you’ll definitely increase your revenue!

If you have problems with attracting visitors to your website, you should try one (or more) of the following methods: pay per click advertisements, article writing and social media. If you have a budget, you can try the pay per click advertisement method, otherwise go with the latter two. Write good articles and submit them to relevant websites and leave interesting comments on blogs, forums and social media. Once you traffic increases, re-invest your earnings in pay per click advertising.

If your traffic lands on a different page than the one they are interested about, they won’t really buy whatever they’re landing into. You need to make sure that the interested visitors land on the most relevant for them page on your website.

Problematic site design

If you are attracting visitors but the problem remains, maybe there is an issue with your website design. It can be anything from an unprofessional aspect to an inconvenient navigation. Try looking and analyzing professional website and improve your design.

One way would be also to utilize already made templates that are pretty cheap to buy and guarantee a professional look to your website.

No follow-up

If you have a good traffic on your website, the correct targeted one and a professional looking qualitative website, the problem must be the lack of following up with your visitors.

You want to solve this problem by using an autoresponder software that will enable your visitors to leave an e-mail to be contacted with offers and interesting things about your business and what you’re selling. Make sure you send your visitors periodic e-mails or newsletters, informing them about your latest offers or an amazing product you’ve tried and you’re absolutely fascinated by it. Following up means letting the people know about deals they would miss otherwise.

In the end, sending the targeted visitors to your attractive, professional website, that contains beneficial content for them and you follow up with good offers and information – there is no way not to make plenty of sales and therefore loads of money! Good luck!!!

I’m Sophy Mavridis, my interest in Internet Marketing started way back in 2007 and oh yes, I got burnt many times. This is why I share my experiences here with you on tried and tested methods that have lead me to where I am now. I test quite a lot of products that come out in the market and I only ever use the best. I will share all that with you on Imnewsreport.com. I constantly research and test different products and services that help my online business grow and flourish. Here on this website I integrate my love of quality products and all things quality in life ranging from Mindset to traffic secrets.Find out more about me. Internet Marketing News Report


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