Applying a Report Style

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The Style tab gives you formatting options for your report, as well as the option to add a title and picture. To apply a style to your report:

1. First, pick a style from the Style list. A sample of the formatting displays next to the Style list. I chose the Standard style for this report.

2. Add a title, such as “Ch 02 Standard Report Expert,” to your report by entering one in the Title box.

3. Add a picture or graphic file to your report by clicking the picture but­ton. The Open dialog box appears. To find a sample logo, go to C: / Program Files/Seagate Software/Crystal Reports/Samples/Databases. Here you will find the sample extreme logo to add to the report. I se­lected xtrerne and clicked Open.

Now that you have gone through all of the basic tubs of the Standard Report Expert, you are ready to preview the report you designed. Keep in mind that you can go back to any of the tabs now to make changes. You can also come back to the Expert after you have previewed the report.’

Previewing Your Report

Next, you want to run your report with real data. The three options for pre­viewing from a Report Expert include:

• Design Report

• Preview Sample

• Finish

The Design Report button opens the Design tab with your report displayed on it. This option does not collect data from your databases, but instead shows you what the Expert created with your instructions. Experienced users of Seagate Crystal Reports may like to come here before previewing -to make any fine-tuning adjustments that they cannot do through the Report Expert. The Preview Sample button previews your report with a sample of data from your database. The Preview Sample dialog box appears and gives you the option to preview All Records, or First « records. You can fill in a num­ber for «. This option allows you to preview your report to see what it looks like, without having to collect all records that meet your report’s selection criteria. This is useful if you have a very large report to run and just want to quickly preview your report to sec what it looks like, without collecting 100 pages of data!

Last, the Finish option collects all records from your database that meets your report’s selection criteria, and shows you the report on the Preview tab.

By previewing your report, you sec what your report looks like and how it will print. You can go back to the Report Expert at any time to modify your re­port. You can use the Report Expert button on the toolbar, or click Report Expert from the Report menu.

When you go back to n Report Expert you can make any changes that you want on any of the tabs. When you exit the Expert, It applies the style formatting that you chose, overwriting any formatting changes you might have made on the Design tab of the report. If you v.ant to make formatting changes to a report that you designed using a Report Expert, make the changes after you are sure that you will not be going bade to the Expert.


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