Selecting Records to Include

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You specify which records from your database to print on a report using the Select tab. This tab allows you to select which records you want to see, and which to exclude. For example, you may want to run a report for only one month, not for every month. Or, you may need to run a report for only one region or state, not every state. There is no limit to the number of selection criteria you can set. To define selection criteria:

1. Click the Select tab in the Standard Report Expert dialog box to bring it to the front.

2. From the Available Fields list, select the field on which you want to base your selection criteria. For this example, select the Country field from the Customer Table,

3. Click Add to move the field to the Select Fields list. Below the Filtered Fields list, a drop-down list appears, giving you conditions for setting selection criteria,

4. Once you select a condition (I have chosen “is equal to”) a second drop-down list appears. This second list contains actual values from your database, pulled from the field on which you arc basing the selec­tion criteria.

5. From the second drop-down list, select the value that completes the selection.

6. Let’s add a second selection criteria to this report. Select the Order Date field from the Available Fields list. Use the “is between” cordition from the first list, and browse the two subsequent lists to set criteria between January 1,1997 and April 1,1997.

7. Once you have set the record selection criteria, move to the last tab, Style. For this example, I selected “USA.”


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