Outlook Error 0X80040119

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One of the most irritating errors with Outlook is error 0x80040119 and it isn’t uncommon to get that error with Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010. However, there are few steps that you can take in order to get rid of this errors message. I’ve researched this error and found out that most Outlook users get error messages that include the following text: “Sending and receiving reported error”, “Unknown Error” and some other similar messages.

If you experience of those error message with your Outlook then you’ve probably already noticed that this happens when you try to send or receive emails or when you try to open or delete one or more of your email messages. While searching Microsoft’s site and other blogs to learn more about Outlook error 0x80040119, I noticed that no one can really tell what the source of the problem is…

What I did find out is that when your Outlook’s PST (Personal Storage Table) file gets corrupted or damaged from some reason, then this is when you get that error message. By the way, many other Outlook error messages are caused as well by a damaged PST data file. In that case the only way out is reconstructing the PST file, otherwise not only you wouldn’t be able to access this file, but access your email messages, contacts, memos, etc.

Reconstructing an Outlook PST file in a professional way will enable you to access your PST data and even be able to recover lost data such as unintentionally deleted emails and contacts.


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