Dashboard Vehicle Dvd Players – Things to be Aware of If You're Purchasing a Multimedia Receiver

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If you want to get a new in-car multimedia receiver then check out this great article. This article will take a look at the main features you need in an in-dash car DVD player, and then take a look at some additional features that you may want to look for. We will then finish by looking at the main brands available and their product ranges.

Key Features of In-Dash Car DVD Players

Screen: it goes without saying that if you’re watching a video you need to be able to actually see it, so a decent size screen is essential.
Touch Screen: you don’t want to waste your time playing around with complicated buttons and menus, so get one with easy touch screen controls.
Multi Format Support: not all your films and music are necessarily going to be on DVD, so get one that supports other formats too for example WMA, CD, Ipod, MP3.
Radio: If you’re going to be filling up a substantial part of your dashboard area with this new device, it’s vital that it can also function as your radio as well.

Additional Features of Dashboard Car Video Players

Back View Camera: keep an eye on what’s going on behind you with a rear-view camera.
Sat Nav Capabilities: why have two devices in the car, when one devices can do everything for you?
USB Connection: connect your multimedia receiver to other devices, e.g. a MP3 player, digital camera, etc.
SD Card Slot: easily view your photos and other content.
Handless Phone Calls: integrate your in-car entertainment system with your mobile phone and talk hands-free while you’re on the move.
Wireless Remote: so that you don’t have to keep touching the screen or buttons if you want to alter the volume or change the track.
Bass Filter for Subwoofer: if you’re into extremely bass-heavy music then make sure your multimedia receiver comes with a special low-pass filter designed specifically for feeding your subwoofer.

Key Dashboard Car DVD Player Brands

Boss: $90- $300. A large series of numerous different products on the market.
Pyle: $107-$515. Maybe not such a well-known brand, but a very broad range of many products.
Soundstorm: $103-$731. A decent product range, spread across a diverse price range.
Lanzar: $99-$437. A pretty decent range of products, spread across a varied range of prices.
Koolertron: $159-$635. Quite a lot of different products on the market.
Power Acoustik: $99-$319. Quite a lot of different products available.
Clarion: $239-$739. A number of products across a reasonably large range of prices, but they are a bit more on the expensive side.
Pioneer: not a particular large range, but there are some very decent products in this line.
Kenwood: quite a small range, but there are some good video players here.

Still not sure which player to buy? Take a look at Car DVD Player where we review all the main In-Dash Vehicle Video systems, including the Jensen Vm9312


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