What Exactly is an Anti Virus Software

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Has your computer been slowing down lately? Has it been showing pop ups that say that your computer is in danger because of a virus, a malware or a spyware? If that is the case, then an anti virus software is what’s needed. Living in the 21st century, most people rely on the computer for their day to day work. Whether you are a student, a lawyer, or a car mechanic, you use the computer for either work or leisure. Getting on the internet for information or for social network sites can be harmful to computers with the many viruses that have been scattered. Now, before you even face problems of having to reformat your computer, you should first get a hold of an anti virus software.

 What exactly is an anti virus software?

An anti virus software is for detecting and removing, as well as preventing viruses that our computers may acquire. The anti virus software scans computer files that may be affected by worms, Trojans and malicious software, also known as malwares. The anti virus software has a “virus dictionary”, and as the software scans the computer, it looks for anything that is in the dictionary or close to it. The viruses in the said dictionary are the common viruses that the author knows of that have already been identified. The anti virus software then chooses one of the three options:

• Delete the file containing the virus completely.

• Quarantine the file so that other programs would not be able to open or access the file.

• Try to remove the virus from the file – to heal the file.

Though this may be a great approach, the users of the anti virus software must always update the software because there are new viruses added often. This is to ensure that their computers are always protected. An anti virus software installed in a computer is really a must. This is to prevent your computer from crashing. Crashing means that you would have to reformat your computer, which may lead to file loss, and of course, nobody wants the work the put so much effort into to be deleted purposely just to remove a virus that affected the computer.

If your computer is affected by a worm or a virus, it is best to purchase an anti virus software right away. However, it is better to get one installed right after a computer is purchased, to make sure that all programs and future files are safe and protected. Also, besides purchasing or having an anti virus software, users must be smart enough to know the do’s and don’ts of owning a computer as well as going through the internet. Users must know which sites are trusted, and shouldn’t be downloading everything they see online. Purchasing programs and items will prove to be worth it in the long run, compared to just downloading it.

So you see, an anti virus software is important, and everyone who owns a computer should make sure that they have it installed so that they are sure that their files are protected.

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