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What is Tube Fool?

Tube Fool Review is a youtube marketing software and certainly its kind of unique product in the market that can generate huge traffic to your youtube videos to earn good amount of money online. Everyone needs traffic and certainly FREE traffic to their offers to make money, this is what tube fool is going to provide you.

How exactly Tube Fool Works?
Tube fool is a unique piece of software that will help you to get more view on your youtube videos. The software allows you to easily search users and videos so that then you promote your own videos using this software automatically.

There are four ways on Youtube by which you can search for users that might be interested in your videos:
1. By other users friends – This function search for a video and then software extract all of the users that are friends of the video you have searched.
2. Buy other users subscribers – This involves retrieving the list of subscribers of a particular users channel.
3. By user channel commentators – This function will allow you to extract the list of commentators of a particular channel videos. Theses are really very targeted users for your offer and are active one, so really a powerful stuff.
4. By keyword – This involves giving keywords and the software will find users channels that have a reference to your keyword.
I was just testing all of the above ways to get the list of users and I was amazed to see the speed of the software. Because in about 1 minute I was able to have a 500+ people list.

Now once you have the list of lot of users related to your niche you will try to attract them to your videos in three different ways.

1. By sharing your video to the user list
2. By subscribing to the user channels you gathered
3. By processing friend requests to the list of targeted users you collected

People are making six figure income with youtube and mind it they do all of the above listed tasks manually. Now imagine how much you can earn from youtube when you will have a software to do everything for you.

Tube Fool Review doesn’t involve making any money directly but it helps to automate almost all the youtube marketing process that can save lot of time. I used it and I was amazed with the speed of the software. You can perform different tasks in minutes that might take you days to do it so really a powerful stuff.
So I recommend you to buy tube fool software if you are serious about youtube marketing and want to earn good money from it.



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