Common Mistakes Parents Made to Their Children And How to Fix It

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Spending time with children is the most enjoyable time for some parents but sometimes also exhausting and stressful. In fact, not all spent time parents to their children is quality time. Here are the mistakes parents often made in their relationship with children:
1. 15 minutes parentsParent’s daily routine makes them just have very little time with their children. Parents have a time about fifteen minutes in the morning before they go to their routines and return to the home after the children sleep.
2. Directing a child too hard
Parents are indeed doing things with their children but lack patience in dealing with the child whining. Until now, patience runs out they tend to scold the child to be quiet or to force her to do something with loud intonation.
3. Give in to television
Television at certain portions capable of providing entertainment and education for children. Parents supervise their children who just sit still and quiet for watching television thinking that their child has been accepted well and normally behave. However, excessive television watching without parent’s constructive explanation can cause the children to absorb information without a filter.
4. Submit all to the baby sitter
The baby sitter main tasks is helping parents carry out their duties rather than replace them. Children in this condition to be closer to her baby sitter and the parents become dependent on their baby sitter.
Keep in mind for parents, taking time only to the child is not enough. Time spent with children should be precious moments and fond memories shared between parents and children. Here are the ways to strengthen the bond between parent and child:
1. Don’t scold or yell at your children ever
Harsh words with loud intonation can be fully absorbed by children. If the children absorb too many harsh words it can change his/her behavior. Children will tend to rude, de-genius, and often bounce back the harsh words.
2. Give reward and do not hesitate to apologize
Being a parent is not easy work and often make mistakes in front of our children. Immediately apologize for our mistakes with the language they understand so that they will soon be realized if the child made a mistake. Give non excessive reward to show appreciation to the children efforts. Hugs and kisses to the children shows that we really appreciate and love our children.

3. Spend quality time with children
Business often become a barrier between parents and children. The remaining time should be best utilized for the parents close to their children. Quality time can be obtained by the parents alone to the child while talking, joking, and accompany the child activities without sound or visual disturbances. Avoid television and music when parent spend time with our children because pictures and sounds will distract them.
4. Exchange ideas with other parents
Exchange ideas and share experiences is one thing that suggested that parents get enlightenment and new things in educating and interacting with their children.
After a series of efforts on actually implemented there is still one more thing that is required for parents to be closer to their children, that is patience. Patience in educating children will be tested by itself by the child’s behavior. Patience is balanced with maturity parents determine the success of the close relationship between parent and children.


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