How it is Possible to be a Billionaire?

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Hi everyone before proceeding let me clear one thing that neither I am a billionaire nor having any such type of experience but as per my study or as my knowledge that I have gained from various successful person on that basis I am going to explain that how one can become a billionaire. I have seen many successful person, I have read them, I have listened them and then I finally decided this that the conclusion of my study or research was this that every successful persons in this world do smart work and rest do the hard work. Now I will clarify the smart work and hard work, let’s take first hard work. Hard work is that what a person does physically, for example a person who is working by own but his working is using his physical and mental power.

Normally while doing hard work a person does not have a team that work for his self. In other hand smart work need no physical involvement, in this type of work people use to do team work, a team work for a person, lets take any example just like we know that Mr. Bill Gates is the richest person of the world, now think in his company under the name of Microsoft how many employees are there who just work for the Company or who just work for Mr. Gates. Leave this example, think from a very low level; and take an example of a shopkeeper who work  alone in his shop and another shopkeeper who is having 3 to 5 employees, I can guarantee you that the shopkeeper who is having 3 to 5 employees and working with them would be more successful then that who is working alone. Yes but he would be gaining as per his expense, his business and his team’s dedication and talent.

Okay now coming on another level think about a factory where 100 to 200 employees are working then no doubt the owner of that factory would be more successful then that shopkeeper who was having only 3 to 5 employees, because there are 100 persons who are working for that owner of the factory whereas in the shop only 3 to 5 employees are working for the owner of that shop. So now when a person want to be a billionaire he must decide some points. Here a fact must be clear that by doing a job or through salary being billionaire is not possible. So one need to plan that how one can become billionaire. And while deciding you need to confirm this that is it possible to be a billionaire through the work that you are going to opt ? if yes then check how many persons have proved by getting that success from that way. And then try to learn that what system they have followed to become success. And then one just simply need to follow that system with trust and 100% Dedication. No doubt that he would face certain problems and issues but at that time it is essential to be patient and to face all those problems and issues without any tension and without any depression. Till now in this article I have discussed only two major points to get success and that are the smart work and hard work. If you choose a smart work and do hard work with that no one can stop you. There is no any other way to have this success.

Well Decide your smart work and achieve your goal, I wish you all the best. Before finishing one thing more to mention here that nothing is impossible here in this world. Many peoples have proved this. Just take their example to motivate yourself, they have completed their journey from earth to sky. So if they can, anyone can, but that determination, devotion, and goal and that strong will power with 100% belief is required.


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