Optimum Benefits From Social Bookmarking!

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Social Bookmarking is actually not a new concept and not a very difficult one to understand either. It is one of those things that people use and do and yet don’t realize that they have participated in a seo process, which is one of the easiest ways, towards link building. If you think carefully, when you surf the internet and come across a very interesting website what do you do? You either copy the web address of the page and store it under your bookmarks folder or send it to someone else, possibly a friend or a relative. This is actually the whole concept of bookmarking. Social bookmarking is also very similar with the main difference being that instead of storing your bookmarks to a local compute or bookmarks folder, you actually save them to an online website that specializes in this area, something like digg or delicious.

These bookmarks that you store to the online social bookmarking websites can be accessed by you at any moment of time from any computer. Most social bookmarking sites have their tabs and buttons on all sites that allow you to bookmark anything ant anytime. Social bookmarking also means that if you made a bookmark sitting on a cyber café computer at 10am at night and put it onto a social bookmarking site, it will still be accessible the next day from your office computer. Another benefit of social bookmarking is that the bookmarks that you have selected and stored category wise can be seen by other people as well and are also ready by Google and yahoo as being bookmarks under those categories. And because that bookmarks you stored can be accessed by anyone and everyone, they become social bookmarks.

These social bookmarks are generally stored along with appropriate keywords that relate to them and are stored category wise. As far as social bookmarking for SEO is concerned, This is one of the reasons why you need to have a company with lots of seo and internet marketing experience because they are the only people who can extract the total benefits of social bookmarking, with all

These social bookmarking sites are also used for link development by all the major seo firms. Many such firms suggest that social bookmarking is something that that requires periodical maintenance. This is because as you keep adding bookmarks to your list, the whole list keeps becoming longer and longer and eventually the older bookmarks get hidden and eventually stop attracting the kind of web traffic that they normally would. Thus, it is suggested that the online bookmarks list be regularly maintained so as to provide optimum benefits.


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