Euthanasia as '' Living Will ''

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     Everybody would like to die peacefully and with dignity. However, terminally ill patients often undergo long  periods of excrucutiating pain. Doctors may even refuse narcotic medications which might relieve intolerable pain. A solution for those people would be to sign in advance a declaration or ”living will” to the effect that they do not want the doctors to give them life – prolonging treatment or make strenuos efforts to save their lives if there is no chance of recovery, of if they are incapable of responding to their environment. Many people are fearful of unending, painful treatment or of being hooked up to intensive care machines, and they do not want to be resuscitated if severly  brain-damaged.

      Unless there is legislation on this issue, many people will continue to terminate their suffering themselves, often struggling with their religious beliefs. They should be given a lawful alternative and the right to obtain sufficient doses of pain-killers to make them as comfortable as possible so that  they may pass away in peace. Doctors should not be prosecuted for deliberately hastening death, if they are respecting the earlier wishes of the patient and family.

       In the end, i ask you: Do you consider euthanasia an illegal act?


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