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Kindle is becoming popular ereader among book readers and bloggers. It not only saves users from buying paperback versions of book but also saves money and shelfspace. You can have more books on kindle in a way that you simply can’t place them on your bookshelf or even buy paperback version of it. If you check the official kindle book store then you’ll find there are plenty of books which are available for free to download on your kindle. These free books are available in multiple varieties like – short story books, novel, non-fiction, puzzles etc, and more are likely to be added as store grows with more addition of books.

Why these books are free ?

Many books which are out of print and are in public domain can be released for free by any publisher company. Many books which you can find on sites like gutenberg or free library site are also published for free on kindle. Bloggers also release their old books whose content is not applicable to trend release their books on kindle.This is how these books are available for free on kindle store. Some books like old dictionaries, classic stories or novels, urban terms and myths are also available for free as book on kindle. There are more than 10,000 titles available on kindle for free which you can download. You can rest assure that these are not unauthorized downloads for books.

Kindle 1 or Kindle 2 ?

Kindle books are not version specific as they have their own readable format. You’ll be able to read these books regardless of which model of kindle you use to read it. Kindle 2 only offers more performance improvements over kindle 1 and that’s just from the aesthetics side of the version and has nothing to do with reading books.

Where to Download Books

All the free book for kindles can be downloaded from the kindle store. If you’re going after lend-a-friend program then you can also lend free book to your friend using kindle or he can give you the book as well.


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