Mother Earth is Dying

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22 Jun 1995

Hardly Breathing

It stood before me,

I could not help but feel

remorse for the soul:

Her trembling blue-green eyes,

a reflection of rough seas,

surrounded by caked dried tears


Her sunken cheeks,

A desert dry in the moonlight,


Her torso,

a beaten landscape,


now deserted.

She is dying in front of me,

Mother Earth is dying.


22 Jun 1995

I stand surrounded by a circle of lies,

A stranger in the middle of a family crest;

The warmth bestowed upon me

their bare gossip breath,

The candid conversation

their warped self security;

They challenge my opinion, bleeding my voice,

and jest at their blatant bias;

For they are one-

and I am alone.


3 Jul 1995

All in All

My mind will not deem your hostile notion,


My ears shall reject every abusive word;

For I have conquered my fear to be

One in One.

In time,

The forgery will unearth.

In time,

I shall voice of life by my eyes.

In time,

I shall verify your aberration.

Constrained to secrecy

I shall limit your knowledge,

And with silence as my army

Your opinion is vanquished.


4 Jul 1995

I kneel alongside Fate

quivering with Morning’s chill,

and as shimmering streaks of Sun

light the Dawn,

I see a vision of my being

reflecting off the waters crisp edge;

Sudden thoughts of disarray flood my mind

and drown my eyes in misery.

Confused Life wonders how

Agony became her companion;

Her divine future destined,

now dazed by unfailing fault.

Hold back my tears

for they ripple Time’s tide

obscuring all vision of optimism and poise.

Life is Death.


6 Jul 1995

Tempted by a delicate shade of meaning

I crawl forward to become.

Yet poisoned with ease,

my esteem evacuated all sense of moral pleasure,

each part remaining angry;

I, a lonely being

distraught inside,

expressed bliss my decoy;

I hover



but slither away

betrayed by honesty-

my error of judgement-


we remain




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