Solution to Grammar Mistakes And Mistake on Writing Styles For Non Native English Content Writers

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If you are an Internet Marketer, you must be aware of the power of quality and unique content. Search engines love quality content and can boost you in every respect for that. However, producing huge unique content is not easy. It is more difficult for that who is not native English.

Most of the non-English Internet marketers struggle when it comes to writing articles. Most of the non-English marketers cannot be absolutely sure that the grammar, spelling, punctuation and style are okay at the content they just produced.

My native language is not English. I started Internet Marketing in 2009. Since then I was writing articles and submitting to EzineArticles. Today, my article stat is 45 published articles. Most interesting is, out of 45, 22 articles I have submitted within last 45 days.

I had to edit and resubmit the previous 23 articles more than one time. I was using Microsoft Office and Open Office Org default spelling and grammar checker. Even though a number of times EzineArticles flagged my articles for ‘spelling, grammar and punctuation’ problem. I felt helpless and frustrated each time an article got flagged by EzineArticles. I was desperately looking for a solution. Support team of EzineArticles suggested me that I should have my articles proof read by a native English spoken editor before submission to EzineArticles.

I checked and found some services at Internet Marketing forums. However, services do not come free! I was not ready and was not in the position to afford the proof reading service for each of my articles. I could not go for an alternative solution either, that is buying articles, for the same reason.

Desperate for a solution, I began to search for online spelling, grammar and punctuation checkers and I found a few. Some offer, a free and some offer a trial service. I tried both but could not be satisfied. Limitation of the free and trial services are painful. So I decided to buy the full featured online spelling, grammar and punctuation checker and I feel lucky that I did. This online checker corrects spelling and grammar of my content making alternative suggestion. Most importantly it corrects my writing style too and also makes an alternative suggestion on style.

All I do now is write a few four hundred words articles at a stretch without concerning about spelling. Grammar, punctuation or even style. My online spelling, grammar and punctuation checker takes care of those now. I just have to make some corrections suggested by the online checker.

It is a great piece of tool guys! If you are a non-native English speaking, then you could make your life much easier when it comes to content writing. So check it here.


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