The Modern Golf Swing Is So Different

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The modern golf swing has evolved with this use of technology, both in equipment and analysis; also as the physical training the golfers now go via. They are treating it just like a sport and are preparing their bodies accordingly.

Whenever you read a few of the older books on instruction and method, you’ll notice there was a great deal of target the lower body. The powerful driving of the legs both laterally and rotationally to generate power.

The end result of this approach was undo tension on the lower back on account of the “reverse C” it caused inside the finish. Just take a look at the old photos of the golfers in their finished position and you’ll see the bowing of the body away from the target.

Because the golfers didn’t believe in conditioning their bodies, the injuries to their lower backs was on the high end. A lot of of them played with back injuries. It really shortened the careers of many of them.

Take a look at today’s senior players. They are playing well into their 60’s and even early 70’s at a very competitive level. Why? Since most of them have a modern golf swing and have prepared their body’s physically to withstand the tremendous quantity of pressure the golf swing puts on it.

The modern golf swing is a significantly much more rotational movement, that’s “stacked” at impact, not the reverse C I mentioned above.

What I mean by “stacked” is at impact it virtually looks like the golfer is proper over the ball with his/her entire body. The hips are rotated towards the target; but in sequence with the core and upper body. There’s really little lateral movement of the lower body and even upper body.

This powerful rotation creates maximum torque within your core region producing significantly higher clubhead speed and distance. This rotation requires a stronger core from a rotational standpoint. The key movements in training your body for the modern golf swing is rotational.

In case you could only spend 15 minutes a day on your body, you would invest all of them doing core rotational strength and flexibility movements and drills. This would give you maximum return on minimal investment.

Training your body “off the course” will take your game to another level. Focus on the key aspects I mentioned above to produce probably the most power. Understand the fundamentals of the modern golf swing.

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