3 Tips to Eliminate Your Dragon Breath

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I’m sure we have all had that experience before, and it is not a pleasant one. There can be many reasons why a person may have bad breath such as simply having morning breath, the food they ate, or it could be a chronic condition called halitosis. Here are some quick tips for eliminating your bad breath.

Tip #1 – Scrape Your Tongue

A lot of the time your bad breath starts at the back of the tongue. This is the part of the tongue that is commonly missed when brushing your teeth and this is where food debris and bacteria can accumulate. These things will cause a foul odor and unless you scrape or clean the back of your tongue nothing else will help your breath. You should invest in a tooth brush that has a tongue scraper on the other end and make it a part of your brushing routine.

Tip #2 – Blow Your Nose More Often

If you have a cold then your nose could very well be causing your bad breath. When you have a cold and your nose get’s stopped up you will often have a drainage of the infection. And that drainage actually has a smell that becomes apparent because the nasal cavity and the mouth are connected. So you should blow your nose more often in order to rid yourself of that drainage.

Tip #3 – Keep Your Mouth From Getting Dry

A dry mouth is a haven for bacteria that causes bad breath. And the drier your mouth gets, the worse that dragon acts up so drink plenty of water and avoid drinks with a lot of sugar. Sugar can actually help to make your breath smell worth.

Poor oral hygiene is usually the culprit in this matter but it’s time that you slay that dragon breath for good! There are a lot of great things that you can do naturally for your bad breath but if you find that you problem is more chronic, then you can find some great solutions with The Bad Breath Report.


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