Poem- Living Inside

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A poem about living inside a violent relationship and trying to find the hope to get out. Sometimes the hope is all that will keep one going, the hope of surviving, the hope of getting out of a bad situation. A poem about the dreams that surround the soul, sometimes the only comfort in a bad situation. A poem about dreaming of getting away from the yelling, the screaming, the walking on glass, and away from phsyical abuse. Domestic Abuse is a very real threat throughout the world and effects many women. For many women life will never be the same after they make the choice to get out of the relationship and sadly a lot of women end up right back in the same situation.

Living inside

But without the hope

To feel the sun

Inside the burn

I feel the question, the light, the dream

But my feet can not move

Not one single step

I can not conquer

I can not live

I live inside

I live inside

The lie

Today you weaken me

Tomorrow I will breathe

I will live

And one day again, I will smile

One day my feet will hit the floor

And I will be surrounded by hope

Of living inside a true dream


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