Is It Okay To Like a Celebrity's Music, Even If You Dislike The Celebrity?

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Britney Spears took the world by storm with “Baby One More Time” and has continued to top the charts ever since. However, her personal life hasn’t exactly been as successful as her musical career. So, the question is, is it okay to love Britney’s music, even though her personal antics may make you cringe?

I would say yes. Why? Britney Spears’ music is marketed towards the general population – teens and young adults. If parents allow their younger kids to listen to Britney Spears’ music, that’s on them – and that’s okay. It’s definitely okay to enjoy Britney’s music while understanding that attacking people with umbrellas is not okay.

This gets trickier with musical acts like Miley Cyrus. She started out as a clean cut Disney star and built a fan base of millions of kids. However, she’s recently been caught smoking salvia, and she’s done some pretty mean things, like make fun of her fellow Disney celebs. Miley Cyrus, like many Disney stars, was set up as a role model. So, is her transformation detimental to her fan base?

I’m still going to go with no. Parents can shield their kids from Miley’s antics, and as long as the kids understand the differnence between right and wrong, parents shouldn’t hold their kids from music that they love, just because Miley Cyrus made some bad decisions.

I might be more hesitant about letting kids listen to Miley’s new music, but that’s not because of her life choices. Her song “Can’t Be Tamed” isn’t exactly kid friendly, and that would be my reason for keeping kids away from it. (The same goes for Britney’s If You Seek Amy.)

My overall thought is that it’s perfectly okay to enjoy someone’s music even if you don’t love the person. It may be painful to know that your money is supporting their lifestyle, but if you want more music to enjoy, you have to do what you have to do.


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