An Overview of Peter Orszag

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American economist Peter Orszag is a highly sought after financial consultant in the United States. He has held many high-power positions in both the public and private sectors, which relied heavily on his expertise and vast experience. Orszag utilized his abilities well and has shown himself to be a consummate professional with a great understanding of the economic workings of the national and global economies.

Peter Orszag has worked in economics for nearly twenty years, making valuable contributions to his field and authoring numerous books and articles that have been helpful for professionals and lawmakers alike. His works have helped these people understand the often complicated fluctuations of the economy of the United States and react to them accordingly. His research and expertise in the field of economics have contributed to many decisions made by the United States government and led to him becoming a highly sought after individual in the world of economics.

During his career, Peter Orszag has spent a large amount of time working for the United States government and in the process has developed a finely tuned understanding of the country’s budget. The budgetary process in which the United States budget is created, sustained, and altered is highly complex, but Orszag has grasped its nuances and has developed a sense of how various aspects of the government will affect the budget’s effectiveness. Healthcare reform, Social Security, and tax cuts are a few of the issues that Orszag has thoroughly researched and have played an important role in many of his recommendations to high-ranking government officials. Having held government positions in Washington D.C. during the Clinton and Obama administrations, including serving as director of the White House’s Office of Management and Budget.

Currently, Peter Orszag serves as the Vice Chairman of Citi Investment Group, a position in took in December of 2010. Peter Orszag’s career continues to rise and he has obtained a high level of success and professionalism while making recommendations that he knows will better the American economy. While working in high-profile positions for a majority of his career, Peter Orszag has grown accustomed to being in the public eye but has made it a priority not to allow that to interfere with his work, which is essential for the success of his career and the many prestigious departments and companies in which he has worked since the beginning of his professional life.


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