Basic Information About Gloving

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Purpose of the Glove:

Gloves are worn to complete the sterile attire, in order that the wearer may handle sterile articles.

The surgical glove serves as the personal protection device which was designed to protect persons inside the operating or surgical room. Its primary purpose is to protect the surgeons and nurses in the operating room in the preventing the transmission pathogens and diseases during the performance of surgical procedures while working with surgical instruments.

Sterile Technique in Gloving:

  1. Put on gloves without touching the outside of them with the bare hands

  2. Avoid the edge of the wrapper when picking up the gloves.

  3. While pulling on the gloves, step away from the table.  This prevents contamination of the hand against the un-sterile table, if the hand slips.

Procedure for Gloving:

  1. With the left hand, grasp the cuff of the right glove on the fold.  Pick up the glove and step back from the table.

  2. Insert the right hand into the glove and draw it on, leaving the cuff turned well down over the hand.

  3. Slip the fingers of the right hand under the turned back cuff of the left glove, pick it up and step back.

  4. Insert the left hand into the left glove and pull it on, leaving the cuff turned well down over the hand.

  5. With the fingers of the right hand, pull the cuff of the left glove the cuff of the left sleeve.  Avoid touching the gloved fingers to the bare wrist.

  6. Repeat the right cuff.


It seems easier to put the right glove on first.  However, it might be just easy to use the left glove first.  The point is to keep it consistent, so that no time is wasted in fumbling.

Material used for surgical gloves:

  1. Latex – a natural rubber which is elastic and comfortable to use.  However, some have allergies for rubber gloves.

  2. Neoprene – Synthetic glove

  3. Polysisoprene – A combination of latex and neoprene properties but more expensive.

Glove Size

The size of surgical gloves ranges from 5.5 to 9 with the size increase of 0.5 every size.  Corresponding sizes are commonly known as Small, Medium, and Large.


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