The Effects of Smoking Habit

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It has been observed that young are going towards a big smoke zone, particularly in winter season. They think that this is the only way to get rid of cold but this is only the confusion that they will get relief from the cold by smoking.

As per the doctors in winter season normally the addict of the smoking take from 10 to one packet of the cigarette per day. They think that the smoking in this season may increase the activity of the body. Besides this, when any person does an excess of workout then he becomes tired & to see more & more output he also becomes upset. So he uses more the smoking. As per the Heart specialist, the possibility of the heart attack increase by 30% in this condition. So this is a wrong thinking in terms of the health of the individuals. As per the seller & research the selling of the cigarette increase by 30% in the winter season.

As per the psychologist, smoking comes in the category for the Keif it has no matter whether it is being used in the form of the amateur or in terms of the getting relief from the cold. The element present in the cigarettes called nicotine peoples becomes addict of these. This element heavily affect our receptors present in our brain. This means that when peoples start smoking they feels to be relax and the person who left or who are not getting these after being addict they face the problems like headache, enzymity  irritation etc.

This is the fact that the young generation uses 10-20% more smoking in winter than other seasons. This condition is really dangerous for these peoples because of this may increase the possibility of heart attack. Today 4-6% of the young are affected with the diabetes and the effect of the smoking is more in these diabetic patients. The diabetic patients may face the problems like B.P. & diseases related to lungs. Cigarettes have the harmful chemicals in it like nicotine, carbon di-oxide, benzene, etc. these chemicals can create the problems bronchitis, asthma, enzyme etc. Peoples due to mental tiredness uses the smoking which affect at the receptors of the brain and this situation is always dangerous for our brain.

Diseases due to smoking

  1. Nose Cancer

  2. Mouth cancer

  3. Lungs Cancer

  4. Kidney’s  Cancer

  5. Bloodier Cancer

  6. Gagarin

  7. Stroke

  8. Layering Cancer

  9. Thyroids Cancer

  10. Stomach Cancer

  11. Cancer of Pancreas

  12. Pre feral vascular diseases

The Harmful Chemicals for body – The following chemical presents in the cigarettes are harmful elements for our body –

  1. Nicotine 10-12%

  2. Carbon di-oxide 6-7%

  3. Cyanide 1%

  4. Sulphur  Di-Oxide 1-2%


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