The War In The Neural Zone

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The Sodium Ion Bullet Unfriendly Fire


The Arizona shooter was a problem waiting to happen. Sodium Ion bullets were firing randomly in his neural zones for a long time. Authorities knew about it, but could not make peace within him. Thousands of such conditions are happening with children taking guns to school and shooting at their teachers.

What is the problem? Disjointed Mental Concentration is the problem! Professor MOmOH (The Man Who Knows Everything) identified the problem long ago and only he has the solution to Fix these concentrations, solve the pain, and Save society!

Here is how you solve the problem with “The War In The Neural Zone”. ProfessorMOmOhuses an ancient African method. It is the Eye Of Heru code. With this method professor MOmOH will show you all the hidden functions of the two brain hemispheres. Your left and right brains as well as the Corpus Callosum. The Corpus Callosum consists of nerves that connect the two hemispheres and facilitates inter-hemispheric communications.

Observe the organic numbers that you see in the video projecting out of the Ion. These numbers actually traverse inside the left brain and then they initiate more waves inside the vesicles in the left brain. These waves then begin to stimulate nerve cells within your Corpus Callosum stria.

So, in effect, you have the numbers and waves constantly going from left brain through stria Corpus Callosum to right brain. What the Eye of Heru does is it sends out force fields. These force fields are waves. The waves traverse every memory bringing solutions.

Observe the video with the two brain hemispheres with the different color waves passing back and forth between them. The solution to these problems comes with the different harmonic waves and colors that you see. There is a very interesting dynamic happening within your brain that traditional MRI machines will not measure.

At the Dohgon University of Thought they don’t play games with your brain. They don’t fool around with all that fake “read your mind” stuff. What they do is they give you a very abstract system that works. That is what you and your child are going to get with the Dohgon solution.

Professor MOmOH has designed a six step approach to completely resolve the problem.

0) Steady visual scanning and viewing

1) Skilled Corpus Callosum Information Processing

2) Left-Right Brain Referencing

3) Left-Right Brain Collaborative Effort

4) Eye-Hand Conscious Implementation

5) Speech-Sound Conscious Implementation

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