Advertisement is Enticement

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A d v e r t i s e m e n t

ther than commercial meaning of advertisement, describing the product as well as describing its service and or functions or its use and how it is used in the media gives a clear definition of advertisement.

In any thing that is being advertised, enticement is always the base. On top of enticement, advertisement recommends its target for the item being advertised; And the mind of every target is like a sponge which ensures that it absorbs whatever comes into either through, eyes, ears, feelings or through sense of touch or any thing.

Whatever has gone either through eyes, ears, touching or anything into the mind, is surely manifested through the body.
The body acts on the bases of what is stored in the mind.
Like alcohol taken through the mouth and manifested through the mind and body (drunkenness), everything that has entered into one’s mind is surely manifested through his body.
The worse thing about what is stored in mind is that even though the body does not want to manifest it anymore, but the mind will continue to communicate with the feelings so as to persuade, influence and overpower the body to do or manifest what is contained in it through him.

Scrutiny Of Items That Are Advertised.

Can we through age restricted items define advertisement as making business or daily bread in the expense of people’s lives?

Let us look at few items that are used to sweep the people’s lives away.

 Drugs and drug nicotine in cigarette.

The manufacturers of drugs are well aware of the diseases that are wrapped in drugs yet they recommend them to people.
They wrap cancer and other chronic diseases and sell them to people. They captivate people through continual advertisement of diseases wrapped in entertainment.

Age restriction in movies which involves use of drugs by actors or actresses does not make sense.
This is as simple as the manufacturers are working in collaboration with the leaders of the countries to willfully and skillfully kill the nation. If there is a leader of the country, who cares if people ‘s lives are lost through drugs and alcohol, there would be no sale of alcohol nor of cigarette . It is advertised so that I develop its love and once I tasted or tried it, I get hooked into it and there is no way out of it.

The best choice and options for the government is to sell diseases and death to the nation than to eradicate the root from which these diseases and death come from because he will lose economic stability.

The most of the diseases and deaths in this country through which the posterity is lost are set up by government.

 Alcohol

Everyone knows that there are no nutrients found in alcohol, and its detrimental effects in the people’s lives is known, Alcohol has long been existing through its manufacturers, and all its untoward effects that depress and affect the centre through which or which drives the whole body which is the mind or brain, but up to this date, it has not yet been phased out. All the campaigns that are directed towards controlling and stopping the people who drink are all not effective and they will never be.
“ Don’t drink and drive!”
I use pure water to quench my thirst, and when I drink water I don’t stop drinking until I am satisfied. When I eat , I eat because I am hungry, and I don’t stop unless I am filled.
This automatically becomes a principle that whenever you drink, you drink so that your thirst is quenched, and there is no way through which a person who drinks alcohol will have his thirst quenched except through being drunk, therefore the message of ; “ Don’t drink and drive or don’t drink and walk on the road” , sounds to me as a message that is misleading the nation because , a person would get thirsty even before he drives or even if he is along the way. Alcohol sale is the gain in the expense of the nation’s lives. The people who manufacture , sell and grant licenses for its sale , they are like drinking people’s blood while people buy and drink alcohol to death to uplift their economy.

 Nudity and Pornography.

Who cares…
Once one has been given money to take care of himself, then he does not care about anything and anybody’s life.

Everyone’s mind has become pornographic in nature as if the nature is pornography itself.

Temptation to sexual sin is always at the eye contact, in the rooms and even in pockets of every citizen( young and old) of the country, and the same temptations that weakens citizens’ power to resist sexual immorality is not an animal that came from the sea and devour the nation nor the floods that came from above;
The lawmakers keep the truth and life in the bottle and pack them with the hope that it will become stale, while sources of diseases, and death devour the nation especially the posterity.

What is the use of campaigns and attempts to cure aids while pornography which is its root cause has become the base and the bread of our daily lives and given freedom to operate.

I herey declare that if the laws that are used to bottle the truth and life are applied towards rooting out the pornography, alcohol, cigarette and the like, the life and truth will be free to manifest in the lives of the posterity.

If I am asked to defined the country in which I temporarily live, I would describe it as a land of captivity. The land in which you are not only worried about the people who are dying because it is also coming to you as well.


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