Favors For Weddings

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Everyone wants their wedding to be unique and memorable, but finding the best way to accomplish this is not always easy. While many people will look for elaborate ways to make sure that guests remember their wedding for years to come, there are actually a number of small things that you can do to help ensure that memories of your wedding will always bring joy. Best of all, quite a few of these basic methods of making your wedding stand out will cost quite a bit less than all of the work that will go into coming up with an elaborate wedding plan.

Much of the work of making your wedding memorable can be accomplished simply by making sure that every part of your wedding is well-presented. This includes choosing the right invitations and the perfect color scheme, but also involves planning out the reception and any other after-ceremony activities so that decorating for the entire wedding can fall within an overall design plan. Here are some things to think about when planning your wedding so that you will be able to make it stand out easily in the memories of your guests.


Unique Wedding Favors

The first thing your guests are going to see in regards to your wedding will be the invitations that you send out. Make sure you choose invitations that not only are pleasant to look at but that also fit in well with your wedding’s overall theme. Whether you choose a “Garden of Love” design on your invitations for an outdoor wedding or choose a “Bible by Candlelight” option because you are having a deeply religious ceremony, try to keep the wedding plan in mind and match it to the invites that you send out. If you can match the invitation colors to those colors that you plan on using in the wedding party then your guests will already be accustomed to the wedding colors before they arrive at the event.

Color Considerations

Many people forget that color is a great way to tie a wedding together, instead coordinating bridesmaid dresses and then choosing unrelated color schemes for other parts of the wedding. Try and establish an overall theme in regards to the colors that you use in your wedding, letting accents of your colors appear in everything from the invitations to the wedding party’s clothes.

You might even choose to have the wedding’s colors appear as accents on the wedding cake to really tie everything together with a colorful splash. Remember that the use of color does not have to be overpowering, and that a central theme of colors can be used to great effect as small accents against a white or neutral background.

Place Settings

If you are going to have assigned seating at your reception or wedding dinner, don’t forget to take the time to make personalized place settings for each of your guests. Not only will this make finding assigned seats much easier, but it can add a very professional touch to your wedding even if you have planned everything at home by yourself. Do not forget to incorporate the wedding’s colors into the place settings, and if possible use the same fonts and designs from the invitation to better tie everything together and create a more distinct theme for the post-ceremony activities.

Wedding Favors

Having matching wedding favors can not only provide guests with yet another connection to the wedding’s central theme and chosen colors, but it can also give them a physical reminder that will bring to mind memories of your wedding whenever they see it. Wedding favors do not have to be either elaborate or expensive; they can include everything from small soaps and candles in wedding colors to individual-sized bubble mixes or birdseed sachets to allow the bride and groom to make a grand entrance or exit from the reception hall. By using tasteful wedding favors you may even give others ideas for small things that they could do to help their own wedding have a much larger impact on their guests.

Other Decoration Concerns

Unless you are going for an over-the-top decoration scheme, it is generally best to keep your wedding and reception decorations minimal enough that your guests are not going to feel overpowered by how much work went into getting the decorations ready. Remember that the goal is to impress your guests and to give them a night to remember, but you want to make sure that they remember more than just how complex some of the decoration items were. Incorporate any colors and themes that were included in the rest of your wedding planning, making sure that you remember the small connections that can make a big difference in how your wedding is taken in as a whole by those you invite.

Planning a wedding on a small budget nowadays can be a very daunting task to do on the part of the newly engaged couple. Thinking for all the possible ideas on how to have a dream-like wedding celebration without costing you a fortune will soon follow the marriage proposal. The thought of trimming down the wedding costs without sacrificing your own personal desire do not always go hand in hand. The cost of your wedding can easily get out of control when you begin to discuss them all with your partner. However, with some creativity and cost cutting techniques, you can always have your dream-like wedding without a needing too much fortune.

There are great affordable options to help trim down the cost of your wedding. From your wedding invitations and/or programs, florists, musicians to even your wedding dresses, it is no longer a surprise that you can really find bargain choices that fits your tight budget. Merchants will quite often over charge you for the mere mention of the word wedding. These costs can be cut dramatically without giving up taste or style.

You can cut cost of your wedding flowers by ordering seasonal flowers. You may also use roses that are less expensive and are very beautiful during weddings, too. Instead of hiring professional wedding singers and musicians, why not ask a musician club from a University? They too can better create wedding tunes and the good thing about them is, they don’t really care if you will pay them according to what you can only afford.

We often heard of renting tuxedos for grooms and his groomsmen, but today brides and bridesmaids may rent a dress too. The wedding dress is a perfect place to slash the cost of your wedding. There are bridal shops where you can rent beautiful gowns at a fraction of cost. Or perhaps, if you do have some skills of remodeling dresses, you can make your own wedding gown. You may ask a bridal shop if they have some unfinished bridal gowns that they want to sell at a lower cost. Really, these ideas have really made sense especially what’s on the line is your small budget. Or, you can go to a trusted seamstress and get her to create the perfect wedding dress you’ve been desiring to wear.

Your wedding reception is perhaps one of the most expensive part of your entire wedding celebration. The location, number of guests and the theme of the wedding will tell how much will your wedding reception cost you. Wedding reception costs take a huge chunk of your budget and this is where creative planning will work in your favor. You don’t have to hire a wedding consultant or wedding planner if you have the some basic skills and determination to pull them all together. After all, it is your wedding so who else will have your best interests in planning your wedding?

Lastly, you don’t want to spend a thousand just to please all the people who are at your wedding. You You can save money by thanking your female attendants with inexpensive gifts for bridesmaids, as well as discount groomsmen gifts for your male attendants. And instead of giving out extravagant wedding favors, why not settle with cheap wedding favors that are beautiful and are as useful as other expensive favors.

Wedding favours are those little things that your guests will take home as tokens of your appreciation for their presence during your special day. You can give anything and everything that catches your fancy – ornamental plastic globes with fake snow, whimsical candles, practical wine bottle stoppers, and even cute fridge magnets. Still, the question remains: Do you really have to provide for wedding favors?

Of course, you have to!

If you want a traditional wedding like those of your family and friends, then it follows that you will also provide for the traditional touches of wedding favours. Of course, this is neither a case of the blind following the blind nor of copying everything hook, line and sinker. You have many bridal boutiques to choose from when deciding on your personalized favors, if you must know.

If, however, you are not inclined to traditional weddings, then you can consider the following as valid reasons for giving the go-signal for wedding favours:

– Your guests went to great lengths to attend your wedding ceremony and to participate in your reception festivities. You see them all dressed up in their finery, you knew they traveled from out of state, you received gifts from them and you celebrated the day with them. The least you can do is provide for small tokens of appreciation for all the time and effort they poured into making your wedding meaningful.

– You will be putting a sweet end to your wedding festivities especially when you provide for edible wedding favours like almonds and candies. Your guests will simply love having something to eat while on the way home, kind of like the dessert after the main course.

Favors for Weddings

– You can tie up the theme of the wedding with the appropriate favors. You can look at them as the icing on the cake.

Generally speaking, your favors are your call. Not all of your guests will love your choice of favors but at least, you provided for a good way to say “Thank you for coming to our wedding”. It is a matter of social graces, one that will hold you in good stead with your guests.

No, you don’t have to!

On the other hand, you can also choose not to provide your guests with favors. You might even say that you did your guests the favor when you invited them to your wedding – free food, the chance to party, overflowing drinks, festive ambience and a roomful of single men and women are enough favors.

There is also the matter of wedding favours getting left behind by the guests. You spent a ton on them and a ton is also left over from the wedding reception. In the end, you are left with small things that you just wasted money on because your guests could not have cared less.

Besides, $500 can be spent on other wedding expenses! You can buy fancier gifts for the wedding party; you can have your groom’s tuxedo custom made instead of just rented; you can extend your honeymoon. There are simply plenty of other options to be had from the $500.

With the pros and cons of wedding favours laid out this way, you should be able to make a decision. However, you should keep in mind that while favors are not mandatory, you can generously thank your guests with them. The key is in making them attractive and useful, even edible – chocolates and candies, charitable donations, and mini-wine holders, to name a few. Your guests will recognize just how sweet a couple you are.


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