Chinese Horoscope Year of The Rabbit 2011

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The Year of the Rabbit begins on February 3rd2011. It will be the Year of the Wood Rabbit.

The Chinese horoscope goes through a twelve year cycle, each year being dominated by one of the twelve animal signs. This cycle starts with the Rat and ends with the Pig. 2011 is into the fourth year of this cycle: the year of the Rabbit.

The Sign of the Rabbit is a gentle sign. Those born under this sign are pleasant company and will avoid aggression. They enjoy artistic and creative pursuits as an outlet for their vivid imagination. Rabbits are likely to be talented artists or musicians. Family life is important to this Animal Sign, as is their social relationships. They enjoy their friendships and get a lot of pleasure from entertaining in their home.

Babies born between 3rdFebruary 2011 and  23rdJanuary 2012 will be born in the year of the Wood Rabbit. They are likely to have a calm and placid temperament. They will be gentle and quite shy, preferring to get on in the background. Their creative minds will be stimulated through art, music and literature. These children will love to hear mythical tales of dragons, fairies and goblins. Extremely generous and kind it will be important to check their peers don’t take advantage of their good nature as they grow older.

For all the Animal Signs, taken in the right frame-of-mind, Rabbit years can be quite soothing compared with previous ones. Often this portion of the 12 year Chinese Horoscope cycle is welcomed as a chance for everyone to take a deep breath and get their bearings once again. It will be a more placid and less demanding year for most people. New relationships can be begun and old friendships renewed. Peace is favoured although this cannot always be so. Even so, those in the background will be more likely to seek cooperation and harmony as opposed to aggressive tactics.

The year 2011 will take on the tone of Rabbit characteristics and the Rabbit animal sign is a kind and peace-loving one. This should make for a year that is more temperate than previous ones. Where there has been aggression and hostility this may not vanish entirely, it would be unrealistic to expect this. However a violent mood will be less destructive, people will be more willing to seek compromise.

Peace agreements will renew hope for a less disturbed future. The year of the Rabbit will bring moments of calm and tranquillity. This gives people greater chance to relax, reflect and make plans for the long-term future that please others as well as themselves. More consideration will be given to the feelings of others.


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