What Makes The Successful Blogs Stand Apart From The Others?

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Type just about any word on Google and you will find a blog relevant to it; that’s how many blogs are out there. More and more people are trying their luck at blogging and not all of them are even near to being successful. A plethora of writers and even more blogs fill up the internet, on every topic, theme, title, idea, imaginable.

What exactly is success in terms of blogging? To reach the audience, the more the better, and to gain a following, but this isn’t achieved overnight as some might suggest and hope for (except of course if one is tremendously lucky). Even then good content would be a prerequisite, there is no way you can succeed as a Blogger without coming up with good quality, unique content. Not many of us get very lucky in their lifetime so that can’t be attributed to a success factor.

Good content always sells and people will come back for more if the writer makes it worth their while. Content, theme and the title are the most important portions of a blog and warrant the highest consideration. Good content most obviously doesn’t just mean a flawless English and impeccable grammar. It means content that grabs the eye and makes it stay and not skim. Relevancy is one prerequisite of good content and another is creativity. Innovation and creativity lead to good content and that consequently leads to a successful blog. These are the qualities hardest to achieve, but when achieved, and here luck can play a role since you might get lucky in finding a fresh niche that nobody has explored before and make magic with it, you have done all you could with your writing skills to make it stand out.

Good writing can only go so far as to make a fan out of the person who read it. It is equally essential to actually reach the person in the first place. Here SEO plays an important role in maximizing the search visibility and therefore probability of visits and traffic.

Most people argue that there is no such thing as luck, and they are not wrong. For somebody to make it big one has to have a fresh new angle on the content part, simultaneously one must be aware of SEO techniques to get the traffic. Content and SEO are supposed to complement each other, and one without the other would most often end up being no more than a half baked attempt.


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