How Giving Things Away Can Benefit You In Your Walk Of Faith

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Before you can fulfil the spiritual message of your destiny, it is necessary to learn the art of giving. Though you are rock solid in your faith, a pillar in the religious community, and people feel they can trust you and depend on you, you will not be able to progress in your faith without immersing yourself first in acts of charity. This is the time to take the next step on your amazing walk to God’s Kingdom.

Ever since the days of the Old Testament, the Lord has asked us to show our appreciation to him by giving away something that belongs to us but which has come from Him in the first place. This is not only a heart-warming thing to do and an act of encouragement for others, but it is an important way for God to get resources to where they are needed in His earthly Kingdom. Perhaps someone somewhere is praying for a financial miracle; perhaps you are the one chosen to deliver it.

The word “tithing” is used in the Old Testament to denote that which is given back to the church, ten per cent of the loyal servant’s income. In the old days before social security, the tithe was an important social engine of support for the poor and the infirm, usually carried out by the church. These days churches still encourage titheing or “collections” and you may find this is the easiest and best way for you to make your donations. What is important is your attitude in giving. The Bible says it is far better to give what is in your heart, rather than be bitter that you are having to give at all. In other words, if charity is not heart-felt it won’t be of any spiritual use either to the donor or to the beneficiary.

But the instinct to tithe can come at any time in any place. For instance you may be urged to help someone whose business is suffering, or who has a dream to own something he cannot afford. Perhaps there are people not in your church who cannot afford to do a proper shopping trip each week; others who need help to make it to hospital checks. Whatever it is, you will get a sweet sensation in the pit of your chest urging you to give. Do so. Give whatever feels good. And don’t fret about it the next day. God will reward you. He has proved it a million times, that he will compensate you for your generosity, sometimes as much as a hundred times over.

By loosening the ties of your generosity you include yourself in the spiritual realm where generosity is the order of the day and where peace and love flow like rivers.


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