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When looking forward to retirement financial planning, it is important to know your future financial requirement. The post retirement period has been a horrible experience of ancestors of many of us. The reason was weak retirement financial planning due to underestimation of future cost of living. We should not forget that fashions and life styles change at the speed of flow of wind. Luxuries of past quietly become the necessities of present.

Roughly our future cost of living never lies below 60% of our current income. Considering the factors of inflation and developing life styles or one’s post-retirement goals or plans, it reflects mandatory 75% of the current income.  Therefore an average man has to save 75% of current income for future that is practically difficult but not impossible. A wealth management advisor can help you in organizing the same percentage of savings by giving them the right form and pattern.
A wealth management advisor guides you how not to spend beyond means and how to cover unexpected expenses that don’t upset your retirement financial planning. They divide the share of savings from monthly and annual income in the manner that you secure your future without compromising with your current life styles. They introduce you to the right sources of earning through investment so that you can multiply your savings. It can be anything from bonds, shares, stock market or real estate whichever ensures better returns in long run. Through continuous wealth management service, they guide you how to gradually increase your savings and insure risks, so that your savings don’t drain out in case of any emergencies.

A wealth management advisor calculates your future finance requirement and plans your savings and investments accordingly. Personalized wealth management service, popular these days’ assists you in fulfilling your dreams and achieving your future goals through efficient pre-planning. A layman pursuing retirement financial planning independently can not assess the mandatory factors like future rate of inflation, potential investment returns and their term in proportion with one’s life expectancy. A wealth management advisor makes these calculations easy and comprehensible for you and joins steps with you in your retirement financial planning.

With Check and Balances TV, you get expert advice on retirement financial planning and investment for a secure future. Expert wealth management advisor Mathew J Rettic helps you in playing with the percentages and figures, so that you can ensure complete social security after retirement.

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