How to Write Easily For Beginer

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     Do you bore learn to write, don’t you? Just answer yes, because this is not wrong answer among the most correct answers. Well in this literature option, I will share tips for learning to write, not boring but it is fun.
But it’s good reader know why I ask and receive an answer himself. Because most students in training at the opening of the authors or books relating to write tend to be boring. Little known fact that the author found while learning to write. From the book of the 70’s until the 2000 book or book an inexpensive to expensive books were in it together. First, they will talk about the 5W + 1H, confusing and boring without explain what the essence of that kind of resume. Second, they are usually told to create a framework paper, which turned out well this framework we have learned from elementary school, grades 6 – choose a theme, sub themes, titles, contents and cover. Even without being offered the essence of such a line outs.

     Or in your mind will say ‘I have not been able to write how come i could find a theme …!. Or if you are a little observant, it is commonly used advanced writers who are no longer thinking in making the concept / outline.
These are tips for us, the writer at first, trial and error or a beginner. First use the strategy of three words from the  AS Laksana (Owner and Patron of the Jakarta School). First, if you will write about the environment, find the three words associated with the environment- flood, victims, collapsed. The second, please make blend 3 words into a paragraph .

Example 1:
Nature is a sign or the semiotics of life that can read human morality. When they turn away from the power of god. God can only give a trial which fell thundering FLOOD destroy human beings, making them the victims as an example to others of his will power. Or make their roofs collapsed in, upon which are under so they will know that the creator is above.

Example 2:

If the author is a journalist, they usually will write as follow:

JAKARTA, Promptly at xx: xx, Situgintung located at … … … … .. broken so that water flows flooding home residents. Once the discharge of water rushing out to make some home residents who are in the height … …. Collapsed, so that the carrying VICTIMS … ….

Three words, it can be inverted or given a Prefixes, suffixes and affixes (-ing, -ion, -ed)
* The strategy initiated three words / discovered by the AS Laksana in the book “creative writing”
* While the examples 1 and 2 above is an original work of writers who also bukisa user
Thank you, meet again if I have new tips.


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