Travel: Advice And Tips

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When you are planning a trip to another country there are a few things that you have to consider.  We don’t want to run into any sort of problems that can put us into trouble.  We want to have the best time possible right?  Consider a few of these travel tips:

Weather: This should be a given to any traveler.  Often times we over look this though. Know how the weather is going to be and ensure you bring the appropriate clothes for yourself.

Passport/Visa: Going international? Great! Is your passport current or out of date? If your passport has about 6 months left then you may want to think about renewing it.  If you do not have you passport then ensure you apply for one at least 3 months ahead of your schedules trip.  The more time you give it the better.  The last thing you want to stress about not having a passport as time draws closer.

Rules and Laws Host Country: “Toto, I don’t’ think we are in Kansas anymore”. You must remember that you are NOT in your country.  You are in theirs.  There are things that are acceptable in your country and not acceptable in theirs.  Quick example: Did you know that if you do not flush the toilet in Singapore you can be fined?  Sometimes it can be the little things that can get us into trouble. 

Vaccinations: Let’s be blunt here.  You don’t want their illnesses and they don’t want yours.  It is highly recommended to go to your doctor before leaving.  Inform them that you are going to another country.  They can advise you on any vaccines that you need to get if any.

Customs: This is usually a highlight of many travelers.  Take the time to learn their customs.  I am sure theirs will be quite different than yours. 

Dress Appropriately: Let’s face it already.  There are things that are appropriate and things that are not.  There are certain types of dress that maybe considered offensive in their country and not in yours.  Take the time and get a general idea of how they dress in the country you are visiting. 

Numbers: We do not want the unthinkable to happen to us.  Think about taking a piece of paper and writing down the phone numbers in case something does happen. 

Health: What happens if you get sick?  Take the time to ask the question about how you will be able to pay for it in the case you have to go to a hospital. 

I hope these quick tips gives you some insight.  Now, go on and enjoy yourself.  Have fun!


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