Seven Breathtakingly Captivating Canadian Waterfalls

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Canada is the second largest country in the world but it is one of the most sparsely populated.  Although large part of Canada is covered with ice it offers numerous panorama and wonderful falls.

1.) Montmorency Falls: Quebec 

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Montmorency Falls is a large and mesmerizing waterfall on Montmorency River in Quebec. This 84 meters high waterfall is the highest in the province. Staircases were built near around the falls to allow tourists to view the falls from several different perspectives. There is also a suspension bridge over the crest of falls that provides access to both sides of the park as well as a spectacular view. In addition, there is also an aerial tram that carries passengers between the base and the top of the falls.

2.) Helmcken Falls: British Columbia

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Another awesomely beautiful waterfall in British Columbia is Helmcken Falls. This 141 m tall waterfall is on the Murtle River is located within Wells Gray Provincial Park. This waterfall, which was discovered in 1913, is the 4th highest Canadian waterfall. The four highest falls in Canada are all located in British Columbia.

3.) Crescent Falls: Alberta

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Crescent Falls on the Big Horn River in the province of Alberta are a series of two waterfalls. This two-tiered waterfall is 25 meters in height.

4.) Tew’s Falls: Ontario

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At 41 meters in height, the Tew’s Falls is the tallest waterfall in Hamilton, Ontario. This ribbon waterfall is best viewed during spring time. It is also known as Tunis’s Falls and Hopkin’s Falls. The Lower Tew’s Falls, a 12 meter tall and 22 meters wide curtain waterfall, can be found just southeast of Tews Falls.

5.) Pissing Mare Falls: Newfoundland

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The breathtaking Pissing Mare Falls are located in Gros Mome National Park in Newfoundland. The falls has a height of 350 meters and are among the highest in North America.

6.) Athabasca Falls: Alberta  

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Athabasca Falls is a gorgeous waterfall in on the Upper Athabasca River in Alberta. The falls which is 23 meters in height is part of the Jasper National Park. This powerful and scenic waterfall has a width of 18 meters. Water rafting is a famous activity below the falls.

7.) Horseshoe Falls: Ontario

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The Horseshoe Falls, an extremely famous waterfall, is part of Niagara Falls. It is on the Niagara River in Ontario, Canada. The name of the falls was taken from its 671 meters wide horseshoe shape crest. Horseshoe Falls is 152 meters in height. This very popular waterfall is also known as the Canadian Falls.

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