My Input From Today – Nutrition, Balance

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It’s really amazing how people drink Coke and other Soda as if it was water. It’s pure sugar and other chemical stuff.

I am convinced that if  those people just change to water, tee, fruitjuices without sugar it would make a big difference and they would be suprised.

About food, yeah fruits and vegetables that’s what our bodies need, together with potatoes, rice, corn (maize) or pasta. The last two it’s better integral. Fish and meat, better just every second day.

If you live on the countryside and know some bio farmers, the best thing is buy directly from their shops and ask for their meat. I know it may be more expensive but it’s worth it. Better healthy than ill. Besides feeling bad when you are ill, you buy medications and probably go and see a doctor, that costs a lot more.

I use honey instead of sugar or sometimes cane sugar.

Small pieces of chocolate and sometimes a glass of red wine is healthy too.

I like nuts and dried fruit a lot, if I need energy, I am hungry but can’t cook a great meal or don’t have time to eat at a restaurant. So it’s for short periods of energy. If you don’t overdo it with coffee, it’s fine too.

I take two Omega3 and two Espirulina Capsules every day. When you need more energy or feel a bit weak, I recommend Maca (it’s a pouder of nutshell), the Incas have already used it.

Besides having a balanced diet our bodies also need to move. Some of us need it more some of us less. A good thing is, whenever you can: WALK and TAKE THE STAIRS. Whatever sport you like, do it and enjoy it.

I really like Kick Boxing Aerobic classes and the circuit class. It’s challenging but so much fun and it feels good to sweat, washes away inner toxic and you enjoy your shower a lot more afterwards. You feel fit and ready for the day.

Relax, enjoy a massage, meditation, a nice talk to your friend, read or watch a movie, what ever makes you feel relaxed is fine.

So that’s my input for today.

Have fun as much as you can and eventhough it’s sometimes difficult better no worries 🙂

Greetings and have a great morning, afternoon, night depending on where you are on blue planet earth.


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