The Bike Ride

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The Bike Ride

The bikerThe biker

This picture, taken in 1971, shows a young woman standing with her bike, smiling happily. It is a sunny day in Ibiza, she is in the middle of nowhere, but with beautiful views all around her. She was quite happy to stand and pose for this picture, with her arms, nonchalantly holding the bike.

She came away with a group of friends, her first time visiting this beautiful island, but none of them had reckoned on just how narrow and twisty the country roads would be. Hiring a car would seem like dicing with death if you happened to be unlucky enough to meet one coming the other way on the mountain top, or a very steep hill, which this island seems to have in abundance.

But then someone had a brilliant idea. If they hired bicycles from the local shop, they could explore all the lovely beauty spots, taking all day if they wanted to, and stopping whenever, and wherever they felt like it, and for a fraction of the price it would cost to hire a car.

The only problem with this was, the local shop only stocked old and battered bikes, which had seen better days, and as it was in the middle of nowhere, and none of the party spoke much Spanish, it was a question of, “Put up or shut up.”

Although she is pretty fit, being the mother of 3 children from 5 years old downwards, and used to running around all day, our young lady hadn’t reckoned on the hills being so steep. She’s been watching the men, who seemed to quickly grab the better bikes, ride off into the sunset. This is way before mobile phones were invented, but with a twinge of conscience, her other half, who was right up there with the others, took pity on her, and the other females, who were grumbling like mad, and came back to check they are OK.

Our feisty little lady is even more determined that she will master this bike. So girls being girls, they all band together, and he is dispatched once again to tell the others that when they meet up, it’s the turn of the girls to have the better bikes, unless they stop showing off. One way or another this group of holiday makers, which she is very much a part of, will spend the day together enjoying what this part of the island has to offer, and hopefully improving their fitness along the way.


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