Enjoy The Beauty of Five Island Bali Beach

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Bali Island is an island full of beauty. So the tourists both at home and abroad really liked the island. Bali island is very beautiful, various natural charm scattered there.

For those of you who want to visit the island of Bali a good idea to visit some of the most beautiful sights in the form of a very beautiful beach. This beach is perfect for relaxing with your family while enjoying the charm of the sea waves are very beautiful.

Here are five beaches on the island of Bali which is famous and became a place of choice for tourists:

1. Padang Bai
Bali is a tourist who is recognized by the Whole World in natural beauty and cultural richness that is very thick, the beach at Balipun is one of the 10 best beaches in the World, where, and what are the most beautiful beaches of this retreat?

2. Legian and Seminyak Beach
It is located on the northern beach of Kuta beach has the same atmosphere with the beach of Kuta, but the beach in Legian and Seminyak Kuta beach is distinguished by cleanliness and atmosphere are not so crowded. Legian and Seminyak Beach is a favorite place of my sunset pictures, because the atmosphere of the sunset each day is never the same and very unique.

3. Dreamland Beach
The beach is very popular tourist foreign tourists, white sand stretches very wide. And the large coral reef beautify this beach, one of the white sand beach in Bali is very beautiful and exotic. Only love access to this place because it’s rather difficult to enter the luxury housing complex and a very steep downward path, so be careful when his season.

4. Sanur Beach

Sanur and the surrounding area one of the first growing tourist areas in Bali, we can feel the atmosphere of the village with peace than in other coastal areas. Since large scale renovation Sanur beach is turned into a very beautiful beach and friendly. The many activities and areas that are resort2 Sanur Beach Sanur makes one alternative beach worth visiting.

5. Amed and Tulamben Beach
Amed and Tulamben Beach are adjacent beach, almost like a second character of this beach. But the Amed coast is still virgin and not many domestic tourists who come here. Tulamben beach is favored by the Diver who want to dive here. Because here there is a sunken U.S. warships and not too deep. Thus, this beach is one of the exotic beach retreat,


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