Increase Traffic in Three Days.

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You can Increase Traffic in three days.  The idea behind this method is that you will be doing a lot more improving rather than doing more “hard work.”  To improve however, is often harder than the actual doing more of what you are doing now.

There are ten points to this method.  While it is not important which step you do first, what is important is that you do all ten over the course of three days.  This list works well by starting with larger details, which are often missed by new website owners and then builds from to the smaller details.

1) Add ten links to your site, from five different domains:  This is effective in terms of search engines, in particular Google, as most search engines need links, and if you have links over a number a domains there is more of a chance to be found.

2)  Fix Your Title:  A Title is one of the simplest things to miss, but if you are looking to increase traffic most blogs or websites will need good titles to make money, and to be found with the search engine which will increase traffic.

3) Add keywords:  For some it is as simple as adding meta-tags to their blog posts, but for others, it means that they have to re-write their content to make it more “keyword rich.”  The important factor to increasing traffic is to make certain that your keywords doing look out of place and that your content looks natural.  Google needs keywords and that is important as linking.

4) Looking into Google AdSense, and Google Analytics:  This is vital to knowing what makes you money, but also what you think might be good really is not.  When looking at stats, look for the overall moneymakers, which already make you money, but are not getting the traffic you would expect.  Look at the ones, which are getting traffic, but where with some improvement will make money faster.

5) Content is King:  Is your content short or not useful?  If there is traffic, then it is looked upon as being useful, but if you  look deeper, you can find that the content that people need is in fact buried, or not found with ease. 

6) Re-write content as needed:  Freshen up your site, but also look at your online articles, as often these are ways of getting traffic to your main website.  There is an art to funnelling traffic, while you want to promote your site, you also need to look at what, when, where and who are coming to your website.

7) Add links to your other sites: If you have written an online article plan to add links to that site as well, especially if this site makes you money.  Look at which site gets you unexpected money and work with the power of the Internet to get more traffic to that site.  Adding your main website as a link will also build traffic  to your main site.

8) Length is Vital:  If your website has short unlinked content, then it will not be viewed as well as mid-range content, but which has links between pages and posts.  To make money you need traffic but if your traffic does not go from one page to the next then you will work harder to make traffic stay.

9) Look at your Site:  Is it optimized for traffic?  Can your traffic find information that will be useful to it and that it will be something that they want to come back to, in other words do you have returning traffic?  If it is a niche subject, do you know what the best way to increase traffic to your site is?  These are individual answers but if your site is a niche, link from a lot of domain will make a difference with the traffic you can get to your site.  To increase traffic you need new traffic, but also returning traffic.

10) Add More Links:  This is a sort of repeat, but it does help a lot to go back and do more links, the reason for this is that you can build on the foundation you have already laid down.  This will increase traffic and in the end make the money you want to make. 


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