Ten Ways to Use The Golf Driving Range Effectively

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Winter times is when many people lose their edge on their golf game. The main reason is wrist weakness but another reason is you beging to lose your feel for the game. But compared to greens fees, driving ranges seem expensive. Be sure to by any special multi-bucket tickets that reduce rates if you go to the driving range and be sure to take advantage of putting greens while you’re at it. Since winter time golf is often cold, wet, be sure to limber up before you go and dress warmly.

Use the Golf Driving Range in Winter to Perfect Your Golf Drive

Most people start to learn golf by going to a driving range. This is highly encouraged because you’re less likely to injure anyone while you’re learning. It also saves your frustration while learning to yourself and avoids antagonizing your golf foursome. Things to check when learning to use your driver include tee height, placement of the ball, angle of the golf club, and follow through. Your drive should go straight. If you’re hooking or curving, adjust your position.  If you are a guy, start with your five wood. If you are a gal, start with your three wood.

Use the Golf Driving Range in Winter to Practice Your Fairway Drives

Your fairway drivers are your seven wood and five wood and on a perfectly flat surface your three wood. When practicing your fairway drives, use the lowest tee available or hit directly off the mat. Find a way to remind yourself to not move your head, either up or down, or left to right. I like to pull hair at the back of my head and concentrate on that point.

Use the Golf Driving Range in Winter  Improve Your Iron Shots

Although most people use the driving range to practice their tee shots, the driving range is also a good way to practice your irons. Again, use the lowest tee or hit directly off the mat. Seek to make as little contact as possible. Learn to keep your backswing short and controlled.

Use the Golf Driving Range in Winter to Determine the Range Your Golf Ball Travels

I first thought the purpose of all those flags out on the range were used to see how wimpy your golf drive really was. The best use of those flags is with your golf irons. Test the loft of your golf iron to see how far the ball go before it lands. Also test how far your ball runs, once it lands. Learning these distances help you play an intelligent game of golf on the golf course because many times the way the golf course is laid out the best choice of club is not the club that goes the furthest. You want to be able to pick the club that goes farthest without getting into a hazard or out of bounds.

Use the Golf Driving Range in Winter to Improve Your Wrist Strength with Drills

The driving range is a good way to improve your wrist strength, just by doing the activity of swinging the golf club and hitting the golf ball. Other ways to improve wrist strength include squeezing devices like rubber balls, doing pushups and using weighted golf clubs. A good drill for the golf driving range is to systematically hit five golf balls with each club and or iron.

Use the Golf Driving Range to Practice Your Set Up Routine to Target a Spot

Although most driving ranges are set up so that ideally you hit straight outward, by adjusting your stance, you can check that you can more accurately place your drives and chips by targeting every single flag in the range. You are unlikely to hit anyone, but your balls may collide midair (unlikely). A good way to target is to point your left (or right for lefties) shoulder toward your target.

Use the Golf Driving Range to Practice Trick Golf Shots especially with Your Wedges

Your golf wedges (putting wedge, sand wedge, ten iron) have the most flexibility to vary the openness of the blade to produce an effect. Systematically lower the club face by a slight degree until it lies flat, checking for the effect on distance, direction, ability to stop, ability to get air.

Use the Golf Driving Range to Test Golf Clubs You Wish to Purchase

Many driving ranges sponsor try out days where one or more vendors of golf clubs offer you the chance to see their latest offerings. Before you buy an expensive set of clubs (over $300) make sure you know your budget and test clubs within this range of cost. Golf clubs vary by shaft length, by the flex in the club handle, by the weight and size of the club head and a bunch of other specialized features the salesman can explain. When you pick a club, pick the one where you consistently hit clean shots straight down the range. It will help your game tremendously to pick a club set that suits your strength and body.

Use the Golf Driving Range to Get Professional Golf Instruction

Most golf driving ranges have professional golf instructors on their staff that offer either personalized instruction or group instruction. These classes can teach you the basics of hitting your drive when you are just starting out, they can help identify mistakes that are causing a systematic tendency i.e.  you are always grounding the ball, curving or slicing or banging into dirt. Professional golf instructors can also teach you tricks to improve your performance. When you seek classes, be sure to know what your goal in getting instruction is before your go.

Use the Golf Driving Range to Practice Putting or Hazards

Many golf driving ranges have putting greens. Putting practice also builds stronger wrists needed to hold your club perfectly steady–an essential ingredient in making those tough putts. If it has a hazard practice area I.e. a sand hazard, these can also make 


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