Guitar Solo's The Easy Way!

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As you have Probably guessed by now this article is all about Guitar Soloing and Just how Easy it can be to learn and practise writing soloing that make the Crowd go WILD! In all their Basics, Solos are just a load of notes from a Scale, So lets LEARN HOW TO SOLO ON GUITAR!

First of all you are going to need to know the basics of soloing. What happens is the Rhythm Guitarist or Pianist will play a chord then you will have to solo in the Same Scale of the Chord. The Main Scales used are Minor Pentatonic and by Practicing these you will be able to solo around them. So for example the chord is A (major or minor it doesn’t matter which) then you will Solo around Aminor Pentatonic. (scroll to the bottom to see how the pentatonic scales work)

The A minor pentatonic scale is this:







Now all you need to do is just keep playing this scale over and over making sure that each note sounds perfectly then to solo all you need to do is just play the notes of the scale in any order. BUT you need to use notes that are no more than 3 away in the scale other wise it just sounds weird!

To practise what you should do is come up with a small sentence like ‘Nice Weather for the time of Year’ and just play a note on each syllable. But make sure it is a different note each time.


This may be sounding boring but it is really easy and simple to understand!

All Scales Start on the root note which is decided by where you are on the bottom ‘E String’ (the thick one) open this is E and on the first fret it is F 2ND G 3rd G# 4Th A 5Th A# 6Th B 7Th C and so on. These are the root notes and the beginning of the scales.

Take G for example this begins on the third fret







If you compare this to the A minor Pentatonic then you Will see that the pattern is very similar and it is the same with all of them.


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