I Hate Guitar! I Quit!

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These are some words I hope you never say in your life because with the right commitment you can become an amazing Guitarist

This Article is here to give you some moral support and tips on keeping your cool and keeping with Guitar! But Firstly, Why would someone quit Guitar? Well unfortunately there are many reasons someone may quit guitar. It may be personal problems, which in that case you cannot do anything about it or the guitarist may be finding it hard to learn and understand the principles or they may not like guitar because they cannot play anything (I had the last one)!

Why should you stay with the Guitar? Well there are so many reasons to keep playing the guitar I do not know where to begin! So here is a list of all the top reasons:

  • It’s Cool!

  • You’re Friends will be impressed

  • You’ll Get Girls (or Guys)

  • It’s Relaxing

“I’m never going to quit!”

Well are you sure about that, because I have heard it so many times and many of those times people have quit shortly afterwards. So what do you do? Here are my top tips for keeping your cool and sticking with Guitar!

  • Practice – I know everybody is saying it but as the saying goes ‘Practice makes perfect’ and another one that goes ‘Train Hard Fight Easy; Train Easy, Fight Hard’ all it means is that the more you practice the easier it will be when you are performing!

  • Move You Fingers closer to the Fret – This will get rid of all the horrible damp sounds you may be getting.

  • Use the very tips of your Fingers – It will hurt at first but after a few weeks it will be fine because you fingers will get stronger and it will make a nicer sound but only if you play everyday!

  • Have fun – Just find a simple 3 chord song or a song book would be even better and just have some fun playing it!

I hope all this helps with your journey to becoming a Master Guitarist!


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