Health Concern For Same Sex Marriage

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The life of the human beings on this earth consists of many human relationships. However, there are some differences among these relationships with respect to their validity and sense of respect. Some of these relationships are accepted as great relationships whereas some others are yet to be accepted as social relationships. The relationships exist on this planet of ours still there remain some questions about their social acceptance. Some of these relationships that are still waiting for their social acceptance include same sex marriages. These relationships are essentially between two matured people of same sex, either man with another man or a woman with another woman. There is no doubt that these relationships are not natural and they are not made in the heaven. These relationships are based upon certain requirements which have a sharp blend of physical relationships. 

This is certainly an artificial relationship which has nothing to do with natural aspects of human feelings and warmth. Due to its harmful sentiments, these same sex marriages are very risky as they involve serious health concerns which cannot be overcome at any stage of relationship. Both the people who are involved in same sex marriages face many health concerns that are really fatal and they cannot help themselves out of them. The longevity of these same sex relationships is also not long as the sentiment fades away in due course of time. Both the people who are related with each other face greater health hazards that include Sexually Transmitted Diseases, mental disorders, and bodily injuries. In some cases, they also face chances of shortened life spans. 

The following health concerns are found in these same sex marriages:

Health problems:

The real life case studies show that both the people who are related with each other with same sex marriages are more violent in their sexual relationships and that is why they are less bothered about the prevailing health problems as they do not care for each other emotionally. Their frequent involvement in unnatural sexual relationships causes physical injuries to both of them. These sexual relationships are more exposed to Sexually Transmitted Diseases that can be fatal for both of them. They are more open to the serious health threats including HIV and AIDS. 

Mental health: 

As these same sex relationships lack emotional involvement, the people often suffer from different types of mental problems that affect their mental health seriously. They often show sharp tendencies of drug abuse, and depression. The cases of suicidal attempts are also noticed in many such relationships. Both the constituents of these relationships often face terrible mental problems. The study made by the noted psychiatrists says that these mental problems are fatal for their long life as well. 

Shortened life span:

It is truly a very critical fact about the relationships between two people of same sex. It is found that the people who are involved in same sex marriages lose their life expectancy by more than 20 years. You can certainly imagine the harmful effects of these relationships that are ignored by the involved lesbians and gays. 

Unnatural sexual relationships:

As the relationship is restored between two people of same sexual status, it cannot have the warmth and emotions of a relationship between a man and a woman. It involves some unnatural episodes of sex that can never be good for the smooth relationship. The episodes like anal intercourse and fisting causes severe types of physical injuries that are extremely painful right from the beginning. The fisting especially is an act where one person inserts the fist of one hand into the anus or vagina of another person. Can you imagine the extreme type of pain that is caused in the act?

The above points must be considered while pondering above the relationships between two males and two females together. You can reach to a conclusion that will make you feel that these relationships are absolutely harmful where nothing good can be expected.


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