The Day I Left Facebook-Part 5

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Alex, still gone. All of my other friends, however, are still on. I’ve been trying to follow in the footsteps of
Alex for a week now, halfway to 14 days, but I haven’t really had anything drastically change my mind until yesterday. It seemed like yesterday was going to most likely going to be my breaking point in my facebook fast, and there were two reasons that made me think if this entire thing was worth it or not. Here is one of the reasons. One of my best friends who I was sitting with at lunch asked me why I never showed up on facebook. I told her that I had deleted my account, but it was on halt so I could still get it back within the next 7 days. She said, “You have to get your facebook back!” I said, jokingly, “Why, do you miss me?” However, she looked very sincere when she said, “Yes, I do! Please come back!” That is when I realize that even though facebook was not real life, it was as if leaving facebook meant that I would have to lose my friends. How was it so easy for Alex to leave? Was it because he was not on for a very long time? Was it because he didn’t have as deep of a friendship with people as I do? Of course, it seems judgmental to assume that, so I’ve never accepted that assumption as being true. However, there must have been something different with him.

What really changed me was that last night, I went out with a couple of friends. One of them had a camera. We spent the night and had a good time, but what was bothering me most was that this person who had the camera told everyone that all the pictures were going up on facebook. I knew I couldn’t see them if I didn’t have a facebook, and I knew I wasn’t going to get tagged in any pictures like I used to. This upset me because I wanted to see all of our memories from last night from the pictures, but I can’t because I’ve challenged myself to stay away from those things. So right now, I’m thinking if it’s really worth it to continue on. I still wonder why I ever challenged myself to do such a thing, maybe it’s because I wanted to be a rebel or something like that. Now, it seems like things have taken a turn for the worst, and I don’t really know which direction to go at this point. However, if I go back, that pretty much means that I am getting back into my old addiction, and I’m falling to peer pressure because everyone is telling me to return to facebook. Everybody is telling me how great facebook is and how much I am missing out on. Well, I just need more time to think, and I guess six more days could be able to provide that time. 


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