Adding Groups to a Report /remaining

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2.       Select which summary or subtotal function you want to perform from the summary Type list below the Summarized list. For Order Amount, I have selected Sum. For Order ID, I summarize by counting the number of orders placed. With Order ID selected, change the summary type to count.

3.       Be sure to check any field that SCR selects for totaling. Sometimes the program may add a field that you do not want to total. To remove fields you do not want to total, select the field and click Remove.

4.       Select the Add Grand Totals check box to add grand total to the end of your report for field selected in Total Fields list.

5.       Select the percentage of check box if you want your summary to calculate a percentage rather than a subtotal. I will not select this option for this exercise.

Sort Tab: Sorting Groups Based on Summary Information

The Top N tab allows you to sort your group based on the summaries calculated for each group in the Total tab. (If you’re familiar with previous versions of OCR, you’ll recognize this as Top N functionality.)

Adding a Chart or Graph with the Chart Tab

Skip this tab for now. This tab duplicates the functionality of the Charting tool with all same option.


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