Adding Groups to a Report

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SCR helps you organize your report by grouping records. You can use any field available to your report for grouping. To add a group to your report:

1.       In the Available Fields list on the Group tab, click the field on which you want to base your group. For example, I have selected the Customer Name field from the Customer table.

2.       Click Add. The field moves to the group By list.

3.       With a field chosen in the Group By list, select the order of your group from the Sort Order list (under the Group By list). In this example, “In ascending order” is selected.

4.       Click Next to go to the Total Tab.

Adding Summaries, Grand Totals, and Percentages

In the Total tab, you can specify if you want to add any summaries or subtotals to the report, if you want a grand total at the end of the report, or if you want percentage summaries. SCR calculates summaries and subtotals; all you need to do is specify which field you want the function to act upon and which summary function you want to use.

SCR distinguishes between subtotals and summaries. Subtotals are sum calculations; summaries are counts, average, percentiles, and so forth. To add a subtotal or summary to your report.

1.       Click the field you want to total in Available Fields list and then click the Add button to add the field to the summarized fields. For this example, the Report Expert has already selected the Order ID and Order Amount field. You can add and remove fields if SCR does not add the correct fields that want to summarize.


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