Basic Information About The Duties And Responsibilities of Nurse in The Anesthesia Department

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A nurse assigned to Anesthesia Department must be familiar with the safety regulations regarding anesthesia and be responsible for the following duties:

  1. He/She reads the schedule and notes the time of operating and the type of anesthesia to be used.

  2. He/She clean, checks and arranges the anesthesia rooms daily.

  3. He/She check drugs and supplies, replacing articles needed.

  4. He/She takes responsibility for the patient’s arrival at the proper time.

  5. He/She greets the patient with a smile and a word of encouragement and asks his/her name.

  6. He/She checks the patient’s chart for consent to operation, whether seen by clergy, blood type, medications given, temperature, pulse, respiration and general condition.

  7. He/She assures that the patient was not sent to the operating room with dentures, glass eyes or jewelry.

  8. He/She has someone available to assist with the placing of patient on the table in the proper position for anesthesia.

  9. He/She readily available to assist the anesthetist immediately as the need arises.

  10. He/She clean and check equipment at the end of the day’s operation.

  11. He/She replaces all sterile sets, supplies, and necessary articles.

  12. He/She keeps the anesthesia rooms in a state of preparedness at all times.

It is the duty of the anesthetists to check the anesthesia machines.


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