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The videos we watch is like any other type of information and these data will come in different file format. Some format of video clips has similarities with the audio tracks but oftentimes video clip has more different complex formats. Probably the most used video formats are AVI and MOV. At times the software installed in our equipment for example our computer systems or cell phones wouldn’t have the capability to read or transform certain video clips to human readable form. That is the reason we must use softwares which are often known as converters. So let’s focus here the way to convert AVI to MOV videos.

First what exactly is MOV and why do we need to convert the video file in this format?

MOV is originally a multimedia format from Apple. MOV isn’t an international standard that’s the reason it is not often being supported by the 3rd party application as well as the multimedia gadgets. MOV videos are usually played when you’ve got Quicktime player, Apple or iTunes set up in your gadget. Any MOV files could be read and understood.

There are lots of good softwares that convert AVI to MOV and will offer the MOV video and AVI extendable. Having the best software for setting up such player can easily be found and downloaded from the web. However, one of the better out there application is Wondershare Video Converter platinum. You just have to make certain that a QuickTime player is installed in your computer.

We convert AVI to MOV because we’ve tested that whenever we’ve loaded AVI file on our Mac, we can’t really open it with simple QuickTime player or even iMovie. Often, we get the chance to open up the file though not really launched because what only looks is a black, empty video clip. Let us accept that AVI is not really as nice as MOV and more often than not , AVI files aren’t compatible with QuickTime player. For Mac, we could make use of the Mac AVI converter too to convert AVI to MOV.

Audio Video Interleave or AVI and Apple’s QuickTime Movie or MOV are both multimedia container types for video clips with sounds. While we are doing the conversion from different file format to another one, the box has to be opened so that the individual data streams can be transcoded. The benefit of converting AVI to MOV is that several kinds of audio streams as well as video streams can be made in the complete conversion process.

Obviously, you might be reading this article to find out the easy and simple methods to convert AVI to MOV. The good thing is we have now the guidelines and step-by-step procedures to convert AVI to MOV. First, we will have to to download the AVI to MOV converter or the Wondershare Video Converter platinum. You can get free downloadable programs over the internet. After saving it from the internet, it’s simple to install it in your pc. Following that, click the “add” button to start out loading the video or videos in AVI data format that you want to convert to MOV format. The video clip are going to be shown on the right side of the software interface. You can even capture the video being played here while you’re converting. You need to simply click on the camera icon. The images will eventually be shown to you and saved in your pc. There is a directory for your pics on the right side of the camera icon. Other than avi to mov converter this video converter may well support additional formats like the MPEG, WMV, MP4 and any desired formats you wish to play in your pc or portable player. You can now do croping and editing to your video such as trimming some part of your video, cropping, setting some effects and customizing. You can even adjust the video variables like the resolution, encoder, bit rate, frame rate, channel, brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. You just need to click on the “edit” button there and you’ll have your preferred video appearance.

Transfer the converted video file by adding it in a folder by clicking on the “folder” icon. The conversion quickly starts off by clicking the “start” button. The whole process to convert avi to mov won’t really take time and you’ll get your new MOV video through easy and fast conversion. Now you can enjoy looking at your chosen movie, all you need is the appropriate software!


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