Kodak Pocket Camcorder- It’s a Small Magic!

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Kodak Pocket Camcorder is very small enough to be fitted in your pocket, and is so convenient to carry while hanging out with your friends. Kodak Pocket Camcorder like the 1080p is waterproof up to 10ft, is not shockproof exactly but can survive a couple of throws. It has 2” LCD screen and costs up to $200. The main advantage of this Kodak Pocket Camcorder is that its 60fps mode is good with waterproof feature and has good video quality. The disadvantages are that the skew is very huge, difficult to switch between underwater and regular mode.

Kodak Zi8 can capture every experience in stunning 1080p HD video, and has integrated image stabilization. You can also share it on Facebook and can watch all the action on your HDTV. This is a high definition camera and has HD quality 1080p for video with 16:9 aspect ratios. It can make your video awesome and its external microphone jack can record in stereo. Its expandable SD/SDHC card slot can hold up to 10 hours of HD video or 32 GB. For still pictures it has 5MP camera and 16:9 widescreen HD.

Kodak Zi6 is a cheap pocket camcorder that can record 720p HD video and will cost under $200. The camera is of thick size and the HD recording is great, shoots video with bright colors. However, it cannot replace your full-sized camcorder, but it has a flip-out USB connector from direct-from-device and can upload to YouTube with good video quality. It has got three video modes like HD mode records H.264 .mov files at 60-frames-per-second, a standard definition VGA mode takes low resolution clips. And the third mode captures 3-megapixel images with the help of the CMOS sensor.

Kodak Pocket HD is a high definition camcorder which captures video at 720p HD resolution. It takes decent video and has the option of memory card expansion slot with high class performance and also has HDMI cable. The main disadvantage of this Kodak Pocket HD is that it has no memory card and batteries don’t recharge through the USB connector, has poor connectivity and the software is not compatible with Mac. It has got stylish and rough and tough look and has a large LCD display. So, all of these Kodak Pocket Camcorder are unique and stylish enough to be purchased.   


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