Highway Patrol: Psycho

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Highway Patrol: Psycho aired in 1957, the second season of this hit drama that aired for 4 years.  The Psycho show displayed the vulnerability of the mind and how easily it can snap under certain circumstances.  In this case, it was the usage of a medication that caused a mental patient of lose touch with reality.

What ultimately happens is that the man escapes and becomes a character from a piece of fiction he’d just written.  As a result, he takes a lot of pot shots of drivers passing by, including Police Chief Dan Mathews, played by Broderick Crawford.

William Hudson guest stars as the writer who takes on the personality of the killer from his short story.  He really does a nice job of showing that psychotic personality.

Robert Shield appeared as Dr. Henry Stoddard, the psychiatrist who figures out what has happened.  He gave one of the better medical performances on this series.  I felt like he was credible and I liked watching him.

This episode features Stuart Whitman as Sergeant Walters.  He had some personality in this episode which was nice.  Sometimes the dialog is such that the actors are very straight laced and don’t have the chance to really show depth.  I liked seeing a bit more here.


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