Sea Hunt: The Briefcase

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Sea Hunt: The Briefcase, episode 20 of season 2, guest starred Russ Conway, Ken Drake, and Ross Martin.  While Drake drives me a bit batty, Conway and Martin usually make a show fun to watch.  Both appeared on multiple episodes of this underwater drama, as did Drake, actually.

In the half hour episode, deep sea diving expert Mike Nelson, played by Lloyd Bridges, is training a group of divers in underwater retrieval when he’s called in to assist with the theft of a valuable briefcase.

Well, it’s not the case, but what is inside it that is of importance to the government.

Conway usually plays a good guy on this show, but this time around, we aren’t sure of his intentions.  As for Drake, he has been both good and bad in his characters.  When you see him listed in the credits, you never know what you’ll get.

As always, for me what I enjoyed the most was seeing the work that went on beneath the water’s surface.  There was plenty of action, there, including a big fight sequence.  I’m not as much into the fights, but sometimes watching the staging of them can be interesting.

Martin’s role was relatively minor here, but he certainly made the most of it.


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