Highway Patrol: Resident Officer

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Highway Patrol: Resident Officer was an interesting episode from this police crime drama’s second season on the air.  One thing that I really appreciate about this series, which stars Broderick Crawford as Chief Dan Mathews, is that they present all kinds of different angles on the patrolman’s job.  Later on, Adam-12 did a decent job of that as well and even CHiPs to an extent, but this was the original.

In this show, for example, the focus is on the job of a resident officer, a cop who is assigned to a rural area and actually lives there.  Unfortunately, for the resident officer of this story, he goes hunting on a day off, discovers a marijuana field, and ends up murdered.  That is brings in Mathews and his men to investigate.

A couple of things really struck me, one of which is just the callousness of this crime.  The officer was shot in the back, without warning, and for senseless reasons.  The killers grew pot.  I disapprove of drug use, but a knock on the head and an escape would have worked better than what they ultimately did.

Also, one of the killers goes after the cop’s car and goes right for it.  My problem with that is even how he knew where the car was.  Remember, the policeman had been hunting.  He could have come from many directions.

Overall, it was a good episode.  It just left me shaking me head at some of the actions within the story.


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